Happy Emperor Minhyun Day. ♥

d97aee1d31217bed0d09272aa096bb83It’s our Emperor Hwang’s birthday so I’m going to share some reasons why I love Hwang Minhyun. ♥

Minhyun is one of those male idols who still looks beautiful without make-up. He is NU’EST’s visual but he does not think he is handsome enough to be called the “visual”. Let’s ask JR, Aron, and Baekho about this. They even expressed that Minhyun is so beautiful. And Ren? Well, you know. HAHA.
It’s not just the three members and us, fangirls AND fanboys, photographers also agreed that his photos don’t need to be photoshopped because his shots are already perfect. So, that is why a PLEDIS Staff scouted him. The staff was attracted to how good-looking he was.

His beauty defies all bad hairstyles. Haha. Even though he was given strange hairstyles and hair colors, he never looks bad.

His eyes are beautifully shaped like those of a fox. The wrinkles that appear in his eyes whenever he smile is precious.


He is just not about the looks, 여러분. He is very talented, as well. AND SMART. He is actually a good rapper but the members just keep on teasing him. Sorry, Hwang. Haha. Best rap from Minhyun? His imitation of JR’s rap part on FACE. Showmanship! Friendship! Hahahahaha.

One of the reasons why 여보세요 is one of my all-time favorite KPop song is because of the heartfelt vocals from Minhyun. His voice makes me want to scream WOW. It is absolutely beautiful like I am being sang to by an angel.
His love for music is no doubt. He sings from the heart. He always carries his earphones with him and sings everywhere. I’m serious. EVERYWHERE.

He is the mother of NU’EST. Not just because he takes good care of the members but because HE NAGS TOO MUCH. Haha. But, he is the best listener whenever the members have their worries or problems.


His English pronunciation and the way he imitate Aron’s English speaking is sooooo cute. Let’s just say that Aron and Minhyun have this special thing. Oh, hi Baekho. HAHAHAHA.


He is also a clean freak and always makes sure that the dorm is free from dust and trash. This is where he and Baekho will fight and have a small argument. (Baekho is just lazy. Let’s face it ㄴㅇㅅㅌs haha)

He has this extreme love for Optimus Prime and he can imitate him almost perfectly. This is where his nickname as OPTIMUS PRINCE (Optimus Hwang) came from. ^_^

Despite his charms and cuteness, he is shy and he feels awkward when with strangers and people whom he is not close with.

Our Hwang also has this cute thing for elephants. ㄴㅇㅅㅌ 여러분들! Do you remember when he taught us the emoticon for elephant? ^_^ ~@m’


He never had a girlfriend before aside from his schoolmate wherein they dated just thru phone and apparently broke up naturally. He said that he will not date anyone for the time being because he wants to stay innocent for the fans. See how he loves us? ♥ Well, just marry Baekho, then. Hahahahaha. But he still has this thing with Aron, so yeah. 헐~

Another reason why I love this cheeky boy? He always give ㄴㅇㅅㅌs sweet, fluttery, and poetic messages. He loves reading books and poems. ♥

“I’m happy I can hear the pretty and crystal clear voices there. I want to live while listening to L.O.V.Es crystal clear and pretty voices, everyday.” -황민현

Thank you for not giving up on your dreams. ♥ We got your back, OptiHwang. As a Wannable, I will support you and Wanna One all throughout your promotions. And, as a ㄴㅇㅅㅌ, we will see each other again on 2019. ♥

생일 축하합니다 우리 MH이!!! ♥

#HappyMinhyunDay #EMPEROR_MINHYUN_DAY #킹갓제너럴_황민현_생일축하해 #NUEST #뉴이스트 #황민현 #민현 #HWANGMINHYUN #MINHYUN #OptimusHwang


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