I’ll Stay By Your Side, Kim Jonghyun.

maxresdefaultMy Agumon deserve all things in this world.
I know it. I can prove it. Because I’ve witnessed his growth. I’ve witnessed all his efforts since NU’EST’s debut up until a while ago. When he was standing there, waiting for his name to be called. Looking straight at Minhyun’s direction. Telling him thru his eyes that he is proud. He is proud that he never let Minhyun abandon his dreams. He is proud of what he had become. He is proud that he is sitting there, debuting with all those trainees.
All throughout the episode, you’ve seen him smile. He is always smiling. Did he cried? Almost. He just shoved his tears away. He always take them back. Why? Because he does not want his members see him cry. He does not want them to see him in pain. Because he does not want to cause them sadness and guilt.


Some of you may not understand why I’m so down. Why I’m in grief. Why I am filled with sadness. Because you were not there with him, by his side, as he journeys into your cruelty and blindness. Because you did not care. Because you don’t know what talent really is.

I don’t hate the other trainees who succeeded as a member of Wanna One. I don’t hate them, seriously. I even voted and rooted for (of course) Hwang Minhyun, Park Jihoon, Ong Seongwoo, Yoon Jisung, Park Woojin, Lee Daehwi, Kim Jaehwan, Kang Daniel, and Lai Guanlin. (Also for Samuel and Seonho, and of course, Dongho and Minki.) I just can’t understand these Korean fans. Why did they still ignored my Agumon’s capabilities? Is it not enough? Was his effort to lead all the group he’s been to not enough to show how deserving he is? Was his selflessness did not gave you a single inch of guilt?

But, of course, all my rantings, all these hatred and anger are useless. This post of mine (that I will be translating to Korean and will send to Mnet and National Producers’ chatroom) will not do anything to change the results. I just want to pour my emotions. I just want to share to all of you reading this how deserving and worthy Kim Jonghyun is to be one of Wanna One’s members. (If ever this post still does not convince you of his worthiness, click this link https://www.facebook.com/minahxgdxxjs/posts/1475871429100358 and read.)

“Thank you for believing in us, your L.O./\.E. Thank you for not giving up.”

I will never ever ever ever leave you, Jjong. We will wait for Minhyun, okay? We will fix NU’EST together with Aron. Okay? Don’t pay attention to those who did not trusted you and believed in you. Those who truly love and support you are by your side. We will always be by your side. With NU’EST.



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