To My 6 Boyfriends

20482205_320237455055171_8687697277541679104_n.jpg.jpg6 years with my innocent babies.
6 years without any scandals.
6 years showcasing their talents.
6 years filled with smiles and laughter.
6 years with new and refreshing concepts.
6 years with these 6 Boyfriends.

“May 26, 2011
I’ll never forget our first anniversary
Whatever happened, you stayed by my side and became my strength.
I’ll care for you and repay you even more, even if it’s late.”

Happy 6th Year Anniversary, Boyfriend!
From your debut song (Boyfriend) to your song for us, your Bestfriends (To My Best Friend), you never disappointed the expectations.

나는 항상 너를지지 할거야. 나는 항상 네 편이 될거야. 나는 항상 너를 보호 할 것이다. 나는 항상 네가 최고라고 너에게 말할거야. 너는 항상 내 별 중 하나가 될거야. 너는 항상 내 보이프렌드 될거야.
항상 최선을 다하고 감사합니다. 나는 항상 너를 사랑할 것이다!
보이프렌드 화이팅! ❤️

I will always support you. I will always be right by your side. I will always protect you from any harm. I will always say that you all are the best. You will always be one of my stars. You will always be my Boyfriend.
Thank you for always doing your best. I will always love you!
Boyfriend, fighting!

꽃길이 아니어도 함께 걷자.
Even if it’s not a flowery path, let’s walk together.

Hyunseong, Donghyun, Jeongmin, Minwoo, Kwangmin, and Youngmin, I’m unconditionally by your side, you all are a champion in my eyes. No matter what, I’ll definitely be by your side to protect you. I’ve got your back, don’t worry. 사랑해!
(Ubos na yung pagha-Hangul ko, yoko na bes hahahaha)


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