Winter’s Tale

Snowman with a carrot nose, and a wizard’s hat
Playing with snowflakes and a freezing cat
Sitting by the fireplace while sipping a hot tea
Thinking how happy you are and how joyous it can be

Heating yourself up by wearing a sweater
Enjoying the breeze and the coldness of the weather
It’s December, and you remembered, oh yes! It’s winter.
You tried to pull your mother and go skating together.

The children are playing games, having so much fun
Throwing snowballs on their faces, the kids will run
You smiled as you watch them, you held your mother’s hand
Skaters on your feet, you’re freezing, you cannot stand

Mother helped you glide along the ice rank
You feel nervous and frightened, you felt that you’ll sank
But mother guides your way as you dance along the ice
Your fear fades away and you wonder that it’s nice.

After making a snow angel, your father comes along
You ran towards him as you sing him a song.
Aside from the cold season, today is a special one.
It’s your Father’s birthday, and together you came back home.


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