Time Machine

Whenever it rains, I thank the sky
For it helps me hide my tears whenever I cry
It feels that I can’t continue being like this
Why suddenly gone, all the laughter and bliss?
We dreamed about our future, smiling together
We imagined how we’ll prove that there is this ‘forever’
When you held my hand and then stared right through my eyes,
I feel your sincerity and I know there’s no lie.
When you asked me to meet you at the usual place,
I would jump in joy and quickly go on my way
Now, when I remember all the good times we had there,
I would look around hoping that you’re out there somewhere.
I will head home and supposed to be resting,
But I just end up spending the hours crying.
I want to end this, I want to forget the pain,
I want to be happy, but I can’t find a way.
I want to replace all the bad things of the past
I want to correct all mistakes that I had
I want to prevent you from leaving my side,
I want to know your reason of leaving me behind.
I am still hoping that we will be together once more
I will be waiting right where you left me before
I will make sure that when I turned back the time,
I will now see again how beautiful you smile.
We will be happy again, that I will guarantee
And when that day comes, I would be very happy.
I will make things right and not give you reason to leave
Turning back the time will change everything, I believe.

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