Poet|Artist, Kim Jonghyun

“Replay” was then two-months old when I became a KPop fan, the first song that introduced me to you. Luckily, your debut song. I really was amazed by your vocals. I wouldn’t lie if I say that when the song reached its 20-second mark, I was enchanted. I was hesitant to have you as my […]

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“Who’s that cute backup dancer with slim and slender thighs? He’d pass as another After School member. Lol.” I was watching After School Blue’s Wonder Boy MV back then and I was really curious about who those six boys are, especially the one behind with slim thighs and long arms and legs. Then I found […]

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(Long post ahead. Do not read if you don’t know who are the REAL Hallyu kings.) Nine years ago, my music was pure Western with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, and Jonas Brothers as my daily tune. Nine years ago, I happened to watch Super Junior T’s Rokkugo music video. […]

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Happy Emperor Minhyun Day. ♥

It’s our Emperor Hwang’s birthday so I’m going to share some reasons why I love Hwang Minhyun. ♥ Minhyun is one of those male idols who still looks beautiful without make-up. He is NU’EST’s visual but he does not think he is handsome enough to be called the “visual”. Let’s ask JR, Aron, and Baekho […]

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To My 6 Boyfriends

6 years with my innocent babies. 6 years without any scandals. 6 years showcasing their talents. 6 years filled with smiles and laughter. 6 years with new and refreshing concepts. 6 years with these 6 Boyfriends. “May 26, 2011 I’ll never forget our first anniversary Whatever happened, you stayed by my side and became my […]

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Akala ko talaga panaginip lang e. Simula nung in-announce ng All Access Production yung first artist/group na kasama sa lineup ng OneKCon, nagdecide na talaga ako na hindi na ako aattend ng EXO’rDIUM. Tapos, nung sunod-sunod nang sinabi yung iba pang kasama sa lineup, I was like “BAM!” I really need to be there.. No! […]

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Winter’s Tale

Snowman with a carrot nose, and a wizard’s hat Playing with snowflakes and a freezing cat Sitting by the fireplace while sipping a hot tea Thinking how happy you are and how joyous it can be Heating yourself up by wearing a sweater Enjoying the breeze and the coldness of the weather It’s December, and […]

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Time Machine

Whenever it rains, I thank the sky For it helps me hide my tears whenever I cry It feels that I can’t continue being like this Why suddenly gone, all the laughter and bliss? We dreamed about our future, smiling together We imagined how we’ll prove that there is this ‘forever’ When you held my […]

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